Tricia Helfer

What Is

Let's start at this basic premise. I know very little about "being green" and I am far from (and don't profess to be) an expert on the subject. That said I feel it's important for me to take initiative and make sure that my impact on the environment is minimized and if in my pursuits I can inspire others to do their part - then that will be very rewarding.

Tara (my sister), Jonathan (my husband) and I have created this site to chronicle the adventures of building "green" in central Alberta where I grew up - a place of extreme temperatures and widely varying seasons.  We hope to share things that we learn along the way and hope that by sharing, others will be inspired to apply these techniques in their own lives.  Everything that is included in this site is based upon something that we have considered incorporating or will incorporate into the Alberta House.  Ultimately some of the technologies will be feasible and can be used, while others will not be incorporated into the final design for one reason or the other.  If we've discovered anything in the process so far, it is that - like life - "building green" requires choices (and compromises).  There is no "one size fits all".

To help us make "the right" choices (or at least not make terrible choices) - we've been lucky enough to assemble "The Green Team" - a group of folks that are far more knowledgeable than us in specific areas of green design, green power, green technologies and green materials in general.

I hope you enjoy this site - and that you find some benefit in spending the time to look at what we have here. We'll be updating all of our progress so come back and see us again for updates.

- Tricia Helfer